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Integration Specialists

The Integration Specialist position is an integral part of the Duluth Public Schools’ efforts in the areas of Cultural & Racial Integration, Increasing Graduation Rate and Drop-out Prevention, Academic Proficiency, and Family Engagement. There will be eleven (12) full-time Integration Specialists for the Duluth Public Schools working to support 8 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 3 High Schools, District Treatment Centers and Residential School sites as well as Arrowhead Juvenile Center.   Integration Specialists are representative of the racial and cultural makeup of our students and community.

Each Integration Specialist will serve a Roster of up to 35 students at  their site(s) doing MTSS Tier 3 one on one check-ins in support of Attendance, Academics & Grades, Behavior, Goal Setting and College and Career Readiness.  Rosters of students are developed utilizing data from MCA and Benchmark assessments, attendance rates, behavioral referrals, and staff/administrator referrals with an intention to support Achievement and Integration goal of reducing achievement disparities. 

Integration Specialists will provide small group MTSS Tier 2 and 3 Interventions and enrichment support  in the areas of Cultural Identity and/or Racial Identity - aligned with the areas of  Identity Affirmation, Diversity, Justice, Action; Integrated Learning Lunch; MTSS Tier 2 or 3 academic, behavior and attendance support during WIN (What I Need intervention/enrichment time), facilitate regular WIN sessions on Racial Identity Development / Cultural Identity Development with identified students from Integration Specialist Roster.  Integration Specialists will serve as a Liaison between home and school with a focus on Intentional Relationship Building with families/caregivers and will support diverse family engagement based on the identified needs of each site.  

Integration Specialists at all site levels will provide supports and programming in: Culturally Responsive After School Programming; Culturally Responsive In-School Learning Opportunities; College and Career readiness goal setting and in person learning opportunities and experiences, both at the school, within the community and at colleges & universities, Personal Learning Plan (PLP) Development for each student on a Roster and quarterly PLP Monitoring of the Roster for all Interventions as well as academic success data points (Attendance, Grades, Tests) with a goal of Increased GPA/Standards Completion/FAST Test Scores; Increased Graduation Rates, Increased Student-to-Teacher Connections; Goal monitoring and Career & College Readiness access experiences and supports

Integration Specialists will provide at least 4 yearly Integrated Cultural Learning Opportunities, aligned with MTSS Tier 1 or 2 interventions/enrichments  from at least 2 different Cultural Perspectives in Classrooms, Grade Levels, or Whole School Assemblies/Programs at their site to support Achievement and Integration goal of increased racial and economic integration. 

The Integration Specialists will provide academic and cultural enrichment support to the students on their roster that are aligned with the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Plan based on the identified needs of each school site.  All Integration Specialists will be a member of school leadership teams, including, but not limited to: Student Support Team, Continuous Improvement Team, Problem Solving Team and Attendance team. 

Integration Specialists will collaborate with students, families and staff to coordinate and facilitate the Office of Education Equity Family Engagement program. 

Grade levels to be served: K-12

Location of services: Denfeld High School, Duluth East High School, ALC High School, Laura MacArthur Elementary School, Lincoln Park Middle School, Lowell Elementary School, Myers-Wilkins Elementary School, Ordean East Middle School, and Piedmont Elementary School, Congdon Park Elementary School, Homecroft Elementary School, Lester Park Elementary School, Stowe Elementary School and our district Residential schools: Arrowhead Academy, Chester Creek Academy, Merritt Creek Academy, Rockridge Academy and Arrowhead Juvenile Center

Meet the Team


Aaron Gelineau - Ext. 2185

Brigette Eckwood - Ext. 3208

Duluth East

Emily Pohl - Ext. 3037

Area Learning Center

Jamie Bennett - Ext. 2170

District Wide (FIT)

Dane Benson

Lincoln Park

CJ (Chibuzo) Osuchukwu - Ext. 3035

Natalie Lehto (Starts 11/6/23)

Ordean East

Kaija Ellis - Ext. 1013

Laura MacArthur

Cal Harris - Ext. 2186


Shaq Coleman - Ext. 3089


Phil Homere - Ext. 3091


Tara Hopkins-Lopez - Ext. 3170