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Education Equity Advisory Committee

Mission & Goals

The Education Equity Advisory Committee (EEAC) is dedicated to fostering diversity among its participants, including various perspectives, communities, and organizations. It's designed for active members who are committed to removing structural and institutional obstacles to educational opportunities for all students. The Education Equity Advisory Committee (EEAC) acknowledges historical barriers that have hindered learning and success based on factors like race, culture, income, and social conditions.

The revitalization of the Education Equity Advisory Committee (EEAC) began in December 2021 when around 30 passionate education equity partners collaborated to develop new bylaws for the School Board. These partners included the ISD 709 Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Coordinator of the Office of Education Equity, Duluth Community School Collaborative, educators, support staff, School Board members, parents, representatives from ISD 709 American Indian Parent Advisory Committee, the Department of American Indian Education, and the Gifted and Talented and Families in Transition programs, as well as local NAACP leaders, representatives from the Education Equity Alliance, UMD, LSC, and many others.

Our current mission is to engage community partners who share the vision of equitable education for all students, recognizing that it requires the entire community's effort to nurture a child. By uniting community partners on a large scale, we aim to break down barriers and find innovative ways to collaborate and support the educational journey of all students in our community.

Our goal is to encourage extensive community engagement, creatively collaborating with the community to promote education equity in a way unprecedented in the Twin Ports. Let's build a community of education equity advocates and organizations to take meaningful action and collectively raise our children within our community!

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