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Education Equity

Educational equity is the condition of justice, fairness and inclusion in our systems of education so that all students have access to the opportunities to learn and develop to their fullest potential.

The pursuit of educational equity recognizes the historical conditions and barriers that have prevented opportunity and success in learning for students based on their race, income, and other social conditions.

Eliminating those structural and institutional barriers to educational opportunities requires systemic change that allows for the distribution of resources, information and other support depending on the student’s situation to ensure an equitable outcome.

Equity is different from equality. Equity is a principle that is based upon justness and fairness, while equality demands everyone be treated at the same level. The Minnesota Department of Education is leading for educational excellence and equity. Every day for everyone.

It is vitally important that we recognize the work done by countless individuals, groups, and organizations of the Duluth Public Schools and our community that allowed us to reach this point in our efforts to provide an equitable education for all.

Through all of their experience, passion, sacrifice, knowledge and wisdom, we are able to continue the work started by many before us. It is our goal to honor that work with our efforts and continue to move the Duluth Public Schools toward a more just and equitable education institution. In the spirit of equity, we acknowledge all of you still here and all of those no longer with us.

Office of Education Equity

The Achievement and Integration for Minnesota program is established to pursue racial and economic integration, increase student academic achievement, create equitable educational opportunities, and reduce academic disparities based on students’ diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds in Minnesota public schools. The Duluth Public Schools are an eligible district due to Myers-Wilkins Elementary School being designated as a Racially Identifiable School (RIS), under Minnesota Rule 3535.

The Duluth Public Schools - Office of Education Equity (OEE) developed, and is currently implementing, the Achievement and Integration Plan to pursue academic achievement and racial and economic integration through activities that include: 

  1. integrated learning environments that prepare all students to be effective citizens and enhance social cohesion; 
  2. developing curricula and training instructors, administrators, school counselors, and other advocates to support and enhance integrated learning environments, innovative research-based instruction, differentiated instruction, and targeted interventions to improve achievement; and 
  3. rigorous, career and college readiness programs for underserved student populations.

Each Activity within the plan is designed to: 

  1. reduce the disparities in academic achievement among all students and specific categories of students; and/or 
  2. increase racial and economic integration in schools identified within the plan.

View the plan on our website: 2024-2026 Achievement and Integration Plan.

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