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Digital Innovation

The Digital Innovation Department supports student and staff access to technology and digital resources through the use of district-owned Chromebooks and tablets paired with approved software and online services. 

Digital Innovation is more than "1 Device Per Student." Providing access to educational technology resources supports student learning and engagement; teaches students how to effectively use and navigate digital resources; and helps develop digital citizenship. Through blended learning activities, students also acquire technological and digital skills they may someday use in the workplace.

Blended learning is not distance learning. Educational activities are still in-person. In blended learning environments, technology use is integrated into instruction in order to teach students how to access information, utilize digital tools, create classwork and projects, and collaborate with other students and their teachers. Blended learning empowers our students to become informed global citizens. 

Blended Learning activities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Collaboration with the teacher and other students in the classroom
  • Original creation and presentation of academic work
  • Research on topics being studied in school
  • Research for opportunities outside of school related to community service, employment or further education. 

Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a service or website used by educational institutions to create and manage lessons, units, courses, quizzes, and other class materials. A learning management system helps schools deliver content to students quickly and efficiently.

The Duluth Public Schools use two different Learning Management Systems to best meet the needs of our students. At the elementary level, Seesaw is used to support curriculum during the school day. In our middle and high schools, Canvas is a central hub for assignments, video explanations, quizzes, reference materials, and up-to-date grades. In both LMS programs, parents/guardians have the option to create observer accounts that are linked to your student so you can follow along with their learning experience. 

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