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Staying Active in School Help Attendance

A graphic of a monster attacking a city with a student dress as a superhero and the words "Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school and themselves."
  • Attendance Campaign

Dear Families,

Studies have shown that students who are involved in after-school activities feel more connected to their school and have better attendance. Encourage your child to join meaningful after-school activities, including sports and clubs.

If you don’t know what sports or clubs your students’ school offers, contact the front office, check out the school website or ask your student’s teacher.

When your child participates in after-school activities, clubs or sports they are more likely to have better attendance, as they would have something to look forward to everyday.

Another way of improving attendance is getting into the habit of daily routines. It helps to reduce stress, support learning and makes it easier to connect with friends and teachers.

We are working to make our school environment a place where everyone can be safe, healthy and learning. We will do our best to listen and partner with you so that your children have a successful year.

So let’s work together and help reduce chronic absenteeism.


Anthony Bonds

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning and Equity