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Reduce Chronic Absenteeism

Reduce Chronic Absenteeism
  • Attendance Campaign

Dear Families,

Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 18 or more days in a school year. Ideally, a student wouldn’t miss more than 9 days in a school year to stay on track, be successful and be engaged in their learning.

Starting as early as preschool and kindergarten, regular attendance is essential for students to gain the academic and social skills they need to thrive. Research shows that when students are chronically absent, they are less likely to read proficiently by third grade, achieve in middle school or graduate from high school.

The good news is that efforts to improve engagement and attendance can benefit our entire society.

We all prosper when children and youth, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, neighborhood, economic status or family income, have the opportunity to gain skills and abilities that prepare them for success in school, work and life.

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Frequent absences can be a sign that a student is losing interest in school, struggling with school work, dealing with a bully or facing some other difficulty. Find out if your children feel engaged by their classes, and feel safe.

If your child seems anxious about going to school, talk to teachers and school counselors for advice on how to make your child feel comfortable and excited about learning.

Students are more likely to engage in learning and attend school if they feel safe, connected and supported.

If we work together we can make sure our students are an #AttendanceHERO — Here, Every day, Ready and On time!


Anthony Bonds

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning and Equity