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Duluth School Board approves Strategic Plan after a year of work

The words Strategic Roadmap, Duluth Pubic Schools, Every Student Every day over a faded picture of a student on a parachute.

The Duluth School Board approved the Strategic Roadmap Tuesday, May 16 at the regular school board meeting. 

“We are thrilled to have our board approve our strategic roadmap, a culmination of planning, dedication, and collective vision. This plan ignites a sense of excitement within us as we embark together on a journey to shape the future of our district with a clear direction going forward,” Superintendent John Magas said. “I want to thank all of the stakeholders who have helped us along the way over the past year. Your input has been invaluable.”

Duluth Public Schools worked on a comprehensive strategic planning process from April 2022 through May 2023. The overall process and strategic plan were created with input from Duluth Public Schools students, staff, families and community members focused on future system-wide enhancements to improve outcomes for students. The planning is resulting in a 3-year operational plan, a progress monitoring schedule and a 3-year school board governance plan. In the roadmap people can find our mission, vision, core values, desired daily experiences and strategic directions.

“We are confident that our strategic plan will propel us to new heights of success in our district,” Board Chair Jill Lofald said. “This is a pivotal moment for our district as we chart a path towards learning, excellence, equity, collaboration and belonging."