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Maximum Levy Certification – September 2013

posted Sep 25, 2013, 11:35 AM by Communications ISD 709

  Below is a preliminary estimate updated with additional information from the Minnesota Department of Education. The estimates are provided in preparation for the maximum levy certification process required by the Minnesota Department of Education, which took place at the September Board meeting.

   These continue to be preliminary estimates - a final levy will be calculated and presented to the School Board for approval in December and will include results of the November 5 education levy ballot.

    According to the preliminary estimate:

·        The General Fund levy is projected to see a decrease or remain flat depending upon the outcome of the November 5 Education Levy Referendum.

·        The Community Education levy is projected to see a decrease.

·        The Debt Service levy is projected to see an increase related to slow property sales. Debt service could be adjusted downward in the future based on income realized from property sales.

Preliminary FY 2014 Estimates:





Pay 2013 Levy

Pay 2014 Levy

General Fund:










Prior Year Levy:
















Location Equity










Reemployment Insurance





Student Achievement





Operating Capital










Total Changes









FY 14 Levy (estimated):










Community Education:










Prior Year Levy:
















Total Changes









FY 14 Levy (estimated):










Debt Service:










Prior Year Levy:











Elim of Planned Property Sales










Total Changes









FY 14 Levy (estimated)










Total Levy (DRAFT)