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posted Aug 26, 2014, 5:45 AM by Communications ISD 709

2013-14 ISD 709 State Test Results

On Tuesday August  26 the  Minnesota Department  of Education released the 2013-2014 state test results. State tests include the results of the MCA, MCA-Modified, and MTAS (“all accountability tests”). Consistent with AYP and MMR calculations, results are reported for students enrolled October 1 in ISD 709.  A detailed review will be provided at the September Education Committee meeting. 

2013-2014 Reading:  Overall, most ISD 709 schools increased in proficiency and the District percent proficient is consistent with the state average. The District’s increase outpaced the the state.

  • Most grades increased in proficiency, with the biggest gains in grade 5 (7.5 points) and grade 7 (10.5 points).
  • Subgroups that increased proficiency include Free/Reduced, Black, and American Indian.
  • Proficiency increased, and at a faster rate, for students who are not of color, who are not from poverty and who are not receiving special education services, which widens the achievement gap.
  • Focus and Priority schools (Laura MacArthur, Lincoln Park, Piedmont) saw significant gains. Our Continuous Improvement school (Stowe) also saw a significant increase.   

2013-2014 Math:  Overall, the District increased in percent proficient and the majority of schools increased in proficiency. The state’s proficiency decreased.

  • All grades increased in proficiency. The biggest gains were in grade 5 (11.1 points) and grade 7 (6.1 points). A new test was introduced for students in grade 11, so year-to-year comparisons cannot be made.
  • All subgroups increased in proficiency.
  • As with Reading, proficiency increased for students who are not of color, not from poverty and not receiving special education services, which widens the achievement gap for some groups.
  • Schools seeing steady increases in proficiency include:
    • Lincoln Park (13.8 since 10-11)
    • Lowell (10 since 11-12)
    • Laura MacArthur (37.1 since 10-11)
    • Myers-Wilkins (15.2 since 11-12)
    • Piedmont (8.6 since 10-11)
    • Stowe (9.7 since 11-12)
    • Ordean East (10.3 since 11-12)
    • East (10.4 points since 11-12)

2013-2014 MCA Science:  Overall District proficiency increased and each grade increased over last year.

  • The District increased proficiency at a rate faster than the state.
  • About half of the schools increased proficiency and half decreased.   

2014-15 Achievement Strategies:

  • Results in several schools demonstrate the power of teachers working together to address student needs.  We’re working to give all teachers this opportunity through Professional Learning Communities.
  • Individual student data will continue to guide instruction.
  • Investments have been made in curriculum alignment and updated materials to help meet student needs.