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posted Jan 4, 2016, 9:41 AM by Communications ISD 709

Best Wishes for a Happy, Successful New Year!


Messages for the New Year

   Superintendent Bill Gronseth, along with other local officials, provided a column for the Duluth News Tribune touching briefly on the past year and looking ahead to the future. 

Duluth News Tribune Column:  Click here to view.

   In his monthly column for the Budgeteer, Bill talked about cultural sharing and building relationships - includes a good recipe for lefse! 

Budgeteer Column:  Click here to view.


Cabin Fever?  Sign Up for a Duluth Community Education Class!

   The Duluth Community Education Winter 2016 schedule of classes and activities is available online for viewing and secure registration at  or check the January 3rd Budgeteer newspaper for a hard copy insert.

   Community Education offers opportunities to learners of all ages through:

·  Adult enrichment and youth activities - take a class in computers, music, cross country skiing, making sushi, using Facebook, yoga, cooking, painting, fitness, digital photography, languages, retirement planning, travel planning, swimming, dancing, much more - something for everyone

·  Adult basic education - GED and Adult High School Diploma - It's never too late to learn

·  Early childhood programs

·  School readiness/Pre-K

·  KEY Zone school-age care and academic enrichment

·  Drivers education

·  Aquatics classes

   Programs are open to any area resident, are affordable and close to home.   For more information email: or call 218-336-8760 or visit  


Duluth East and Denfeld Teams Earn Academic Recognition

   The Minnesota State High School Coaches Association supports the Team Academics Program.  Team members GPAs are tabulated and compiled to arrive at a Team GPA.  If a team has a GPA of 3.76 to 4.0 they earn a Gold rating, a GPA of 3.5 to 3.75 merits a Silver rating:

>>Class 5A Gold:  Duluth East Football

>>Class AA Silver: Denfeld and Duluth East Girls Tennis

>>Class 2A Gold:  Duluth East Boys Cross Country

>>Class 2A Gold: Duluth East Girls Cross Country


Congratulations to recipients of the Lakewood Elementary Principal Award! 

   The award is presented to students for exemplary behavior – cooperation, respect for others and for themselves, support for learning and for a safe and welcoming environment.  Kendall Wittmers-Graves, Marissa Norlien, Anna Jones, Addie Stolp, Henry Bechthold, Olivia Holte, Lucy Gilbertson, Sjoren Helland, Brooke Holappa, Riley LaVack, Connor Wiberg, Leo Hromatka, Elsie Juten, Nathan Oja, Keltan Hanna, Daniel Rosenlund, Maria Drozdowski, Audrey Moeller.