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ISD 709 - Sharing Our Stories

ISD 709 News: Sharing Our Stories

   ISD 709 schools are made up of people – talented, caring individuals who teach, learn, provide classroom support, serve meals, maintain buildings, drive buses, volunteer their time and talents and so much more. 

   There are many great stories to tell about what our people do and accomplish and many ways to share them with the community.  Classroom projects, school events, service learning, club activities, student and staff awards & recognition - there are as many ideas as there are people.

   If you have a story to share please use this form to get started.  Information could be used in the following ways, potentially reaching thousands of people:

·         E-Newsletters to Community Members, Staff, Parents

·         ISD 709 website

·         Hard copy Newsletters to Community Members, Staff, Parents

·         ISD 709 informational materials and publications

·         ISD 709 Channel 187      

·         Inviting local newspaper, TV, radio, magazine to cover. 

ü  If you’d like to invite media, please share information at least a week or so in advance.

ü  Include interesting details.  Local media have to pick and choose between dozens of story ideas each day - what will make your event stand out?

ü  Get your principal’s OK to invite media into the building and help give parents a heads up (so parents can opt out of having their child participate in photos, interviews, etc.  if they wish).

ü  Please understand that sharing information with the media doesn’t guarantee coverage.  Their decisions are made day-to-day, based on what they consider to be newsworthy. 

   If you share information with the media yourself, also send it to so it can be included in ISD 709 electronic and hard copy news, too!

   Questions?  Email

Thanks for sharing your story!