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Reducing Out of School Suspension

   Across the nation and within the state of Minnesota, many school districts are working hard to reduce the use of out of school suspension (OSS).  

   Disproportional OSS is when a population of students is involved in more OSS than would be expected, based on their percentage of the entire population.  As an example; last year African American students comprised 8-9% of our student body - consequently, we would expect African American students to be involved in 8-9% of out of school suspensions.  

   Within Duluth Public Schools, we are actively working to prevent suspension by creating positive school climates and using positive supports and interventions.  
   We are also exploring alternatives to OSS when incidents do occur. Alternatives to OSS will strive to include skill development, academic opportunities, increased accountability and support for families.  

Contact the Office of the Assistant Superintendent for more information.

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