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2018 ACT Test Day

ACT Plus Writing Test for 11th Grade Students

Tuesday April 24, 2018 – Seated by 8:50AM

● Students at Denfeld and Duluth East:  9th, 10th, and 12th grade students will not attend school on April 24 in order to accommodate the test.  11th grade students will attend school and follow a special test day schedule.

● Students attending AEO, ALC and Residential Programs:  9th, 10th, and 12th Grade students will attend school as usual on April 24. 11th Grade students participating in the test should contact their guidance counselor or school principal to make arrangements.

● 2018 ACTion Day: Students not attending school have the option of volunteering with a community agency through the United Way. These volunteer opportunities are not school sponsored so students will need to manage their own transportation and other logistics. Students interested in volunteering can sign up here.

What’s the ACT Plus Writing test? It’s an exam that measures educational development in English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Writing and is designed to measure the skills needed for success in post-secondary/college coursework.

What’s the benefit?  Taking the test can potentially benefit students and families in several ways:

● ACT results may be submitted to up to 4 post-secondary institutions free of charge.

● Results may be used when applying for scholarships and loans.

● Results are accepted by most post-secondary two-year and four-year institutions in MN and the U.S.

● Participation helps identify student strengths and areas where improvements could be made.

What happens on ACT Test Day, April 24? Schools and 11th grade students must follow strict guidelines related to the test, which is required to begin promptly at 9:00AM on Tuesday April 24.

● Buses will run on the usual schedule both to and from school.

● Students at Denfeld and Duluth East:  11th Grade students will follow a special test day schedule:

✓ 7:45AM Hot breakfast served.

✓ 8:30AM Grab & Go breakfast for late arrivals.

✓ 8:50AM Students are in their assigned testing room.

✓ 9:00AM Test begins. Breaks will be provided at scheduled intervals.

✓ 1:45PM (approximately): Testing should be complete. School lunch will be available as early as 1:00PM.

Students who wish to leave campus after completing the test must submit written parent permission to the school attendance office.

How can students prepare to be successful on the test? The best way to prepare is by taking rigorous courses in high school. In addition, Classroom teachers, School Counselors, W.I.N. teachers, Integration Specialists, and American Indian Education Advocates are working to help students prepare.

Detailed information and helpful links are available at

www.actstudent.org or talk with your school counselor.