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Election Information

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Current School Board Information

Districts Board Members Reside In:

Gorham #1
Kirby #2
Loeffler-Kemp #1
Lofald #4
Oswald #4
Sandstad #3
Trnka #1

Districts the Board Members Serve:

District #1:  Rosie Loeffler Kemp
City Precincts: 1, 2, 4-7, City of Rice Lake and four townships (including unorganized precincts #2 and #23)

District #2: David Kirby
City Precincts: 3, and 8-14

District #3: Nora Sandstad
City Precincts: 15-20, and 22-25

District #4: Jill Lofald
City Precincts: 21, 26-30, and 32-34

At Large:  Josh Gorham, Alanna Oswald, and Sally Trnka
All City Precincts, City of Rice Lake the four Townships, and two unorganized Townships

Precinct Maps

Find your polling place and precinct number using the Secretary of States Website.  Refer to the list above to see which City precincts are included in each School District precinct: