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Teacher Relicensure

The Relicensure Committee . . .

is a volunteer committee that examines the educational experience documentation of teachers, verifies that the experiences are germane to the licensure area, determines that the teacher is eligible for license renewal, enters informational data into the MDE Licensing system, and upholds the Board of Teaching Laws. The committee serves as an informational agent on licensure for the professional staff.
The deadline for submitting Relicensure paperwork is May 12, 2017.
Paperwork received after May 11 will be processed in September 2016.
Please consult the information posted on this page for answers to your questions.

Other questions from certified staff regarding the Relicensure process should be directed to Patti Wipson via email or Leigh Ann Viche via email. Please do not call. Include your file folder number on all correspondence.

Questions will be addressed ONLY at our monthly meetings and a response will be sent to you at that time.
Be sure all components and 125 clock hours and components are recorded at the MN Department of Education BEFORE you apply for renewal.
Click the Component link on left for new MDE requirements.
Please submit yor professional experiences and forms yearly.
  • Please expect a turn around time for submitted paperwork to be approximately 2 to 4 months.


  • Due to the large volume of ISD 709 employees needing renewal, persons not currently employed by a Minnesota public school district must submit all paperwork before January 1 of the year their license expires.


  • Employess of other Minnesota school districts should submit their paperwork to the relicensure committee of their district. The Duluth committee does not process paperwork from employees of other Minnesota districts.
2016-2017 Meeting Dates
September 20
October 11
November 15
December 13
January 10
February 7
March 14 (open Meeting 4-5)
March 28
April 18
May 16
"Relicensure How-To" Inservice Classes for 2016-17  will be offered in conjunction with the component night in the spring.  Please check "News and Views" for registration information