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Staff Development/Teacher Development Program

ISD 709 Professional Development Plan

ISD 709 Aims and Goals are High Achievement for All, Safe and Welcoming Environment for All, and Effective and Efficient Systems. ISD 709 is committed to effective implementation of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), Multi-Tiered Support Systems (MTSS), and Positive School Climate with the overall intent on improving student achievement for all.

Professional development includes training and coaching to support district strategies designed to meet district goals as well as local, state and federal mandatory training. In addition, professional development also includes support based on staff self-evaluation to increase his or her effectiveness in learning experiences.

Teacher Development Program

The Teacher Development Program began in 1972 and became part of the teacher contract through negotiations.  Its purpose was, and continues to be, an effort to involve teachers in determining and meeting their professional needs and to assist the school district in achieving its identified priorities.  

In its history, several hundred courses have been developed by teachers and offered for inservice credit.

Credits earned through taking courses publicized in News and Views earn credits toward lane changes on the teacher contract while strengthening professional skills.  These free credits are a benefit for district staff.  

Graduate Programs:  Approval 

By contract, teachers must have graduate programs approved (to ensure alignment with current assignment).  The process is simple and includes filling out the graduate program form below.

Do you have a course you'd like to see offered?  Do you want to attend a course and want lane change credit for attending it?  Contact Greg Jones to discuss ideas and/or plans.  

Graduate Credits from Other Institutions 

If you'd like to take coursework for lane change and the institution you attend issues a transcript of the its own, the process is simple.  Ensure that the coursework is germane (see the germane schedule below) and once you've completed it, submit your graduate level transcript with your other paperwork for lane change to Human Resources. Each free standing college/university course does NOT need to be pre-approved.  If you have questions about a course and how it fits into the germane schedule, feel free to contact Greg Jones.

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Teacher Evaluation Plan for Duluth Public Schools

Please see below for the link to this document.

Registration Process

  • Registration for classes is encouraged by going to the like above titled "News & Views".
  • Classes are cancelled if an insufficient number of teachers have registered.
  • Classes are cancelled or postponed whenever schools are closed due to weather conditions.
  • Notice of upcoming inservice offerings are listed in our new "News & Views" website.

Want to take or present a course currently NOT listed in News & Views?  
Click here for the process

Committee Members, Greg Jones, Chairperson, Cindy Jamar, Amy Starzecki, Bernie Burnham, Tim Sworsky,
Jennifer Larva, Brenda Vatthauer, Wendy Braun

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