Education Committee

Grant Proposals

  • All grant applications are reviewed prior to submission to inform district administration of the district required commitments (time, data, funding, etc.) per the grant. We have created a Google Form to simplify and streamline the pre-approval process:

  • Upon pre approval by the Assistant Superintendent, all grant applications must be presented to the Education Committee as an informational item.

  • Once the grant is awarded by the agency, all grants awards must be submitted to the Education Committee as an action item. Grant dollars are not accessible until after the Education Committee has accepted and provided final approval at the board meeting.

Extended Field Trip Requests

All extended field trips must receive board approval prior to the trip. Please submit your Extended Field Trip Requests and back-up to the Assistant Superintendent's office at least two months prior to the date of the trip.

All international trips are submitted to the board for informational purposes only acknowledging that the Assistant Superintendent’s Office has received waivers for all student participants. The District does not sponsor or accept any liability for foreign trips (except for Canada).

Education Committee Meetings - Meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month unless noted in calendar - 4:15pm

Regular School Board Meetings - Meet the 3rd Tuesday of the month unless noted in calendar - 6:30pm