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Families in Transition

Duluth Public Schools Families in Transition Program
McKinney-Vento and Title I

Our Mission
Prevent students who are experiencing homelessness from losing ground academically through the creation of choices that promote healthy attachments between kids, school and community. The program accomplishes this by facilitating enrollment, attendance and academic success of homeless preschool and school-aged children.
Who is a Homeless Student?
Under McKinney-Vento legislation, homeless children and youth that lack a fixed regular and adequate nighttime residence and can include any of the following:
  • In a shelter (family, individual, domestic violence, youth or temporary housing
  • In transitional housing
  • In a motel or hotel
  • Doubled up with others because of lack of housing or economic hardship
  • Temporary foster care or awaiting foster care
  • On the street, in a car, a park, an abandoned building or other plae not designed for human habitation
Support Services
The Duluth Public Schools Families in Transition Program can assist families, schools and the community to:
  • Enroll homeless students in a stable education program
  • Make transporation arrangements that promote stability including school of origin if feasible
  • Gather school records from other locations
  • Distribute school supplies and make referrals to agencies that meet basic needs
  • Increase awareness and support in the community regarding conditions of homelessness
  • Be an advocate within the school system as well as in the community helping assure homeless students are respected and addressed