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Highly skilled teachers, a wide range of rigorous and engaging course work and state-of-the-art facilities provide a rich learning experience with many educational and extracurricular opportunities for all students.

Lincoln Park and Ordean East Middle Schools Provide:

  • The support 11-14 year olds need to be successful
  • A wealth of after school opportunities
  • Exploratory and Elective Classes - Art, Computers, Family & Consumer Science, Pre-Engineering, World Language, Band, Choir, Orchestra 
  • Individual and group support from guidance counselors and school social workers
  • Athletics - volleyball, basketball, swimming, track
  • Advanced academic opportunities and comprehensive interventions to expand reading and math skills
  • Guidance and support to students learn responsibility, citizenship and respect
  • Caring, experienced teachers - Average 17+ years experience, most hold Masters Degree or higher
  • Parent and community partnerships to support education
  • A multitude of course choices 


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ISD 709 is committed to serving each learner with the aim of on-time graduation and college/career readiness. This is a decisive time in establishing a pathway to success. Please take the time necessary to understand the courses available for your child's educational plan. 

Students are encouraged to include faculty and counselors in their decision-making process. 

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Lincoln Park Middle School, 3215 West 3rd Street

Phone:  218-336-8880 x3282 or


Ordean East Middle School, 2900 East 4th Street

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