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Community Partnerships


Building Strong Partnerships

Communication is the key to strong partnership.

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Communicate frequently and openly. Talk about expectations regarding the length and involvement of the project.

Make sure agendas and needs are shared. Discuss responsibilities, such as supervision of volunteers.

Be sensitive to the needs, styles, and limitations of your partner.

Partners share a common vision.

Youth bring energy and creativity to provide new solutions to existing problems. When schools and organizations join together in their efforts, it draws attention to their cause.

Partnerships allow more people to be reached. Schools and organizations can draw from each other's resources and strengths.

A good partnership builds community.

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Involving people at many levels in an organization with a project provides continuity and creates sustainability.

Partnerships can form through networking, coordinating, cooperative, or collaborative efforts.

The service provided should be valued by both sides.

Service-Learning provides unique opportunities for problem-solving. Through different curriculuar connections, students can support:

  • promotional needs
  • awareness and publicity campaigns
  • mentoring and educational services
  • data collection and analysis
  • publication and written opportunities
  • foreign language translation
  • and more!

The possibilities are endless.

This material is adapted from The Box.

To form a Service-Learning partnership, contact our staff. We can help you get started and provide possible connections in the community and schools.

Sometimes partnerships form through "uncommon pairings" to accomplish service. Service-Learning thinks outside the box.

Both partners must have a commitment to stay with the project through problems that may arise.