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Area Learning Center


Area Learning Center High School

215 N. First Ave. E. "Historic Old Central" Third St. Entrance Duluth MN 55802

Educational Opportunities for Youth
It's never too late to learn!

Area Learning Center High School

Ph: 218-336-8756, Fax 218-336-8770

Mr. Adrian Norman,   Principal

Area Learning Center High School provides alternative programs for students who meet at-risk criteria and are ages 15-21.  For more information please visit our web site by clicking HERE.

ALC Diploma Completion Program gives learners the opportunity to complete their high school requirements and earn a diploma. Attendance-based and Independent Study programs are available.

ALC Dual Enrollment or Credit Recovery Program is offered to high school students ages 16 and older who have fallen behind their graduating class.

Dropout Recovery Program

For out of school youth, ages 16 - 24, DRP will help you drop back in. Options include high school, ALC diploma completion, GED study and testing, the city YES program, and more. Help with planning your next steps after graduation is also offered.