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Sustainable DPS Goals

Purchasing: …only non-toxic, petro-chemical-free, eco-friendly products from environmentally aware, local businesses…

*Order only recycled paper and Energy Star electronics and appliances

*Rather than lowest price, consider product's life span, i.e. energy use, maintenance, consumable supplies, & disposal cost

*Prefer vendors that take-back, recycle, and dispose of products after their useful life

*Eliminate ordering single use items, all unrecyclable or non-reusable plastic, and Styrofoam products

Water Resources: …minimizing waste-water, pollution & utility costs…

*Use outdoor rain gardens and ponds (NWF, National Certified Wildlife Partnership).

*Use containment systems to capture rain water for watering vegetation on school grounds.

Activities: …co-curricular & extra-curricular events can be green…

*Half-time or assembly contests, & PSAs by PA announcers, during games & activities, to create enthusiasm for the district sustainability program.

*Eco-conscious alternatives for team purchases i.e. organic cotton or recycled content uniforms.

Transportation: …efficient & energy-conscious district travel, including biking & walking to school.

*Replace district vehicle fleet with most carbon neutral modes of transportation available.

*Provide incentives to choose energy efficient, alternative transportation (i.e. preferred, designated parking for hybrid, electric, bio-diesel, scooters, etc.).

Curriculum: …to understand contemporary sustainable practices, current resource use & our impact in the ecosystem using hands-on activities...

*As renewable energy systems are installed in schools, software collects data on energy gain for student lessons.

*Students engage in activities re: closing the resource loop, constructing renewable energy technologies & understanding how they create power to do work

Food Service: …healthy, nutritious and environmentally aware…

*Produce own food from district and on-site gardens.

*Compost food waste.

*Use reusable trays, dishes, utensils and napkins.

Buildings/Energy: … energy efficient buildings featuring solar gain, high efficiency windows, recycled heat, pristine air, natural grounds…

*Certified Wildlife Habitat sites on school grounds with learning stations.

*Green roof or planter options reduce runoff and increase cooling capacity.

Maintenance: …working with the environment…

*Safe, natural cleaning chemicals and/or ionized water sprayers.

*Eliminate any fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides that nature does not recognize