A calendar committee creates each year's District-wide calendar, which is submitted to the Duluth School Board for approval. The committee consists of people representing teachers, administration, business leaders, other schools and school districts as well as community members.  

The District Calendar for the entire school year can be downloaded by clicking the link below and following these steps:
  • Select the printer icon to load the Adobe Reader plugin.
  • Depending on your browser and version of Adobe Reader installed, a toolbar at the top will be visible or a floating
toolbar at the bottom will appear if you move the mouse pointer downward.
  • To download the file to your computer, select the floppy disk icon (next to the printer icon).
If you have problems with this method, click the direct download at the bottom of this page.

ACT Test Day for 11th Grade Students:  April 28, 2015

   A new MN State Law requires 11th grade students to take the ACT Plus Writing test to fulfill state graduation requirements.  This is the first of several pieces of information that will be shared to help students prepare for this important test.

   The test will be administered to ISD 709 11th grade students attending Denfeld, Duluth East, residential and Area Learning Center (ALC) programs on Tuesday April 28.  Participation is expected of all 11th grade students except those exempted by their IEP and notified by their case managers.

   At Denfeld, Duluth East and ALC, 9th, 10th and 12th grade students will not attend school on April 28 in order to accommodate testing - these students are encouraged to take advantage of ACT Day volunteer activities offered by local organizations.

   For residential programs, 9th, 10th and 12th grade students will attend school as usual on April 28.

   Click here for detailed information.


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