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CI - Teams

Amy Starzecki, Assistant Superintendent
Bernie Burnham, President, DFT
Mike Cary, Dir of Curriculum & Instruction

More details regarding CI-Teams


Please fill out the survey as soon as possible!

Continuous Improvement Teams:
Imagine the role you can play in helping all students be successful.

   Over the past several years, our teachers union, principals and district administrators have laid the groundwork necessary to increase student achievement.
· Identifying community priorities
· Updating curriculum
· Aligning goals to Minnesota’s Best Workforce
· Identifying research-based, proven strategies:  Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), Positive School Climate

   Now, there’s an important step we can take to make even greater strides, a proven strategy already being used successfully in schools. 
   Establish teacher teams (Continuous Improvement Teams or CI-Teams) in every school and at the district level to inform and assist implementation of PLCs, MTSS and school climate.  
   Teams would play a key role in developing School Improvement Plans (SIPs) and aligning them to District plans; monitor SIP goals and progress; identify staff development needs and support shared decision making.
· Building level CI-Teams would meet once or twice a month.
· Elementary and Secondary level district teams might meet quarterly and could comprise a district-wide CI-Team.
· CI-Teams would support and complement the work of the Quality Steering Committee and Quality Leadership Teams.  
· CI-Team members would receive a stipend for their time.
   We’re looking for teachers interested in serving on building and district-level CI Teams.  Please see below for links to an informative video, and to a detailed PowerPoint presentation.  

   By August we’d like to have all our CI-Teams established, so we encourage you to review the information and fill out the interest survey as soon as possible. 

   We look forward to your participation in, and support of, CI-Teams.