2016 Annual Report for the Community

   The work of education is challenging - yet when the life of a child is positively transformed it’s also incredibly rewarding.  

   We know that well-researched strategies, implemented with fidelity, can change a child's life. We also know, at a much deeper, human level that the heart and soul of education lies in what we believe.  We are most powerful when we believe each student can realize success, and even more so when we believe in ourselves, in our personal ability to make a meaningful difference.    

   Thank you for your belief in what we as a community can accomplish together. 

Please review the information provided below, then share your thoughts and ideas.  There are several ways:

  • Online Survey
  • Email: info@ISD709.org 
  • Mail: ISD 709 Community Information, Room 213
  • 215 N. 1st Avenue East, Duluth, MN 55802


ISD 709 Community Vision & Priorities

2016 Annual Report for the Community Booklet

2016 Annual Report Video Overview

World's Best Workforce Summary

Reading Well by Grade 3 Plan

ISD 709 Achievement & Integration Plan

WBWF Achievement & Integration Plan Progress

ISD 709 Staff Development